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Feb 16, 2013 5:30pm PST
jose with pair of 60s. oops that santa rosa temperature is off the mark isn't it? it's currently 67 degrees there. today in and around the bay area, one, two, three, four temperatures there easily into the 70s. not including danville and blackhawk which also reached the low 70s. 68 in san jose is a couple of degrees above average for this time of the year. 37 overnight tonight. santa rosa, back in through sonoma into napa and glen ellen. we'll be coming aross the valley upper 30s in livermore. still there's a bite in the area. downtown san jose looking at moderate air quality right now same story again for your sunday. moderate air with a haze in the atmosphere. westerly is kicking in late day so we have that extended forecast with rain back in the forecast. right now area of low pressure banging up against the pacific northwest. that's going to kind of open the door for a series of troughs moving this way. high pressure moving due east as it does so first area of low pressure, it's a cold front. got some pretty strong dynamics that will place
Feb 9, 2013 5:30pm PST
rosa. and currently, it looks like we are 55 in livermore. today's numbers in and around our microclimates, it was 56 in pacifica, 60 in fairfield, again these temperatures averaging warmer than yesterday. tonight's overnight lows, banking between the freezing point in the santa rosa area, 37 degrees in san jose. and 38 in mountain view. mountain 40s across the central bay. now, this is the scene looking out from mount vaca where we do not even have a cloud on the horizon. tonight starry skies, patchy frost overnight. it will be on the sunny side up on sunday. seasonal temperatures will prevail. and the dry weather pattern will continue. take a look at this right now. you're seeing that area of low pressure that we experienced couple of days back pooling out of the southern california area after dumping snowfall in the grapevine. high pressure firmly in place as it does continue to dominate the west coast here in the san francisco area. we are looking at this dry weather pattern continuing so you might want to ask here, precipitation of n
Feb 10, 2013 5:30pm PST
francisco, 54, santa rosa, right now, the mild spot at 60 degrees. another chill he night tonight. reminder, it is still early february. we are going to get mild later this week, clear skies, radiational cooling. cold, chose to freezing for fremont, concourt, mountain view, san jose and napa down to that degrees. you have seen this before. i just told you many communities are experiencing the driest, driest, never this dry to start the year, kpix-5 is dry once again. the snowpack, dropping, down to 81% of normal. that is 55% lower than what we were six weeks ago. let's talk about this week coming up. we had one big dome of high pressure that will keep us dry all weeklong. you can see the clouds, everything moving north to south. that is because the high pressure is off to the west. as it stays off to the west we are protected by it. getting the cooling influence of air over alaska and british columbia. so, mornings will be cold. and the next couple of days we will struggle to make it in the low 60s in the afternoon. now, high pressure inches
Feb 17, 2013 5:30pm PST
, overnight, into the 30s and the 40s. 34 degrees. so, that is near freezing in santa rosa. you got to believe they could see 32. upper 30s and fremont. it is glorious. official sun down at five:50 looking out from oakland. -- 5:50 looking out from oakland. tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy. you will feel the difference with the sea breeze, adding cooler numbers across the boards. otherwise we have an unsettled weather pattern. first all, the pressure to the north. it is vigorous, gathering strength, momentum, it is going to continue to erode our area of high pressure that is encompanyacing the mild states, that high pressure going -- encomassing the mild states that high pressure going in. here is the morning commute. you will definitely need that umbrella. meanwhile, by the time the cold front races through rapidly in a southerly direction up to 1 1/2 inches of rain should be expected. we will see snow around the mount hamilton area. wednesday, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. here is the sierra forecast, we are expecting six inches
Feb 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
now in concord, low 60s for oakland and livermore, middle 60s in santa rosa. a beautiful day in sanoma county. san san jose. we have the radar fired up and the national radar service in the south bay. as you would expect we are completely dry. now, in january, february, combine the two months we average 21 cloudy days. that is really not that bad considering that it is wintertime. this january and february we have had only four cloudy days and i am pretty confident we will they that way for the rest of february. we are talking 59 days, only four of them cloudy. it will be cheer tonight, that will lead the chill he temperatures, down to 36, fremont, 38. redwood city, 38. here is the set up in the skies above us. all about high pressure which is just strong enough and just close enough to, yet again, deflect another storm system to our north. the rain is far south taking the storm track, keeping it up to the north, the sierra may see snow shower bus we will stay dry and mostly sunny. that will be that way for the entire week. more storms
Feb 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
s in santa rosa and san jose. overnight 30s and 40s. even warmer still as we continue throughout the workweek. so yeah, plenty of sunshine to start off with tomorrow. milder conditions and not quite as breezy as what we saw today especially around the coast. temperatures mainly in the low 60s. so another nice day for the last half of the weekend. high pressure is really going to continue to build so we are not really seeing much rain over the next 24 hours. you can see in our futurecast, that high pressure firmly in place. our next chance of rain is really way off into the future by next sunday so more than a week away. our long range models pick that up possibly by next sunday but again it's too far out to fully predict. here's your overnight lows. temperatures in the 30s to 40s. 37 if you are in fairfield. 36 in fremont. mid-40s in san francisco tonight. and then by tomorrow, once again with all the sunshine it's going to feel nice. but definitely jacket weather in some parts of the bay area. 61 in san rafael. 59 in san francisco. and a li
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6